Education at Urban and Rural Development

Last changed: 25 April 2019

We offer undergraduate courses, at basic and advanced level, in the subjects: Environmental science, Landscape architecture and Rural development. We also offer doctoral education in: Agrarian history, Environmental communication, Landscape planning and Rural development.

Education on bachelor's and master's level

The department carries the main responsibility for the courses at three programmes on bachelor's and master's level (Landscape Engineer Programme - Uppsala, Agriculture - Rural Development and Landscape Architect programme - Uppsala,all in  Swedish ) and the courses at three international master's programmes (Environmental Communication and Management, Landscape Architecture for Sustainable Urbanisation and Rural Development and Natural Resource Management).

Read more on the programme websites:

» Landscape Engineer Programme - Uppsala, 180 HP (in Swedish)
» Agronom - landsbygdsutveckling, 300 HP (in Swedish)
» Landskapsarkitekt - Uppsala, 300 HP (in Swedish)

» Environmental Communication and Management, 120 HP
» Landscape Architecture for Sustainable Urbanisation, 120 HP
» Rural Development and Natural Resource Management, 120 HP

The department also offers courses on the Bachelor's programme (Biology and Environmental Science), the Master's programme in Energy Systems Engineering, the Aquatic and Environmental Engineering programme and the Master's programme in Sustainable Development.


The department offers courses in three of the main subjects at SLU: Rural development, Landscape architecture and Environmental science. Many of our courses are open courses.

» List of open and programme courses at the department

Courses offered in English

» List of open courses at the department, given in English

Postgraduate education

Postgraduate education is given in the subect areas of Agrarian and rural history, Environmental communication, Landscape architecture and Rural development.

Director of postgraduate studies at the department:

Kristina Marquardt,, +46 18 67 20 99

Research school

The department runs the research school  Society and Landscape »

Director of studies at the research school:

Emil Sandströ  +46 18 67 28 58


Director of Studies, undergraduate studies

Helen Arvidsson,, 018-67 19 95

Education administration, undergraduate and postgraduate studies

Marlén Tälleklint,, 018-67 26 71

Elena Vallin,, 018-67 19 47

Landscape Architecture Programme - Uppsala, and courses in Landscape Architecture

Malin Eriksson, Director of Studies,, 018-67 21 09

Maria Wisselgren, Deputy Director of Studies,, 018-67 19 45

Study Advisers,, 018-67 28 00

Landscape Architecture for Sustainable Urbanisation - Master's Programme

Lena Steffner, Director of Studies,, 076-7842450

Landscape Engineer Programme

Bodil Dahlman, Director of Studies, bodil.dahlman@slu.se018-67 25 38

Agriculture Programme - Rural Development, and courses in Rural Development

Katarina Pettersson, Director of Studies,, 018-67 14 25

Elinor Carlbrand, Education Coordinator and Deputy Director of Studies,, 018-67 14 43

Rural Development and Natural Resource Management - Master's Programme

Katarina Pettersson, Director of Studies,, 018-67 14 25

Elinor Carlbrand, Education Coordinator and Deputy Director of Studies,, 018-67 14 43

Environmental Communication and Management - Master's Programme, and courses in Environmental Conmmunication

Camilo Calderon, Director of Studies, camilo.calderon@slu.se018-67 26 19

Courses in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Mari Kågström, Researcher, mari.kagstrom@slu.se018-67 25 16

Other members of the staff you may come in contact with

Per-Arne Klasson, Department Technician,, 018-67 25 03

David Halim, Technical Coordinator ,, 018-67 19 00 

Karen Gould Ekström, Department Assistant,, 018-67 26 88

Ann Djurberg, Department Administrator,, 018-67 20 88

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