The department's representation and staff members with assignments at SLU

Last changed: 21 August 2018

Representation in SLU councils, boards and committees and department employees with SLU assignments.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor: Karin Holmgren

SLU Election Committee: Cecilia Waldenström (chair), Ulla Myhr (deputy member)

SLU Board for Education: Yvonne Gunnarsdotter (deputy member)

SLU Council for External Collaboration: Hanna Ljunggren Bergeå

SLU Web Committee: Petter Åkerblom

NJ Faculty Vice Dean for External Collaboration (Working Committee and Faculty Board): Hanna Ljunggren Bergeå

NJ Faculty Board: Carin Martiin

NJ Faculty Program Board of Education at Bachelor’s and Master’s level: Lotten Westberg

NJ Faculty Academic Appointment Board: Seema Arora-Jonsson & Kjell Hansen (deputy members)

NJ Faculty Board of Doctoral Education: Flora Hajdu

NJ Faculty Election Committee: Cecilia Waldenström

NJ Faculty Committee for Global Development: Andrea Nightingale

NJ Faculty Committee for Sholarships: Ylva Dahlman

NJ Faculty Committee for Equal Opportunities (Chair): Marina Queiroz

NJ Faculty Representantive in the Board of CSD (Centre for Sustainable Development at Uppsala university): Flora Hajdu

Member of the Nomination Board for August T. Larsson Guest Researcher Programme at the NJ Faculty: Carin Martiin

LTV Faculty Board: Kerstin Nordin

LTV Faculty Election Committee: Ulla Myhr

LTV Faculty Board of Education: Ulla Myhr

Movium Management Council: Lars Johansson

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