Last changed: 25 January 2013

Mobile app for the characterisation of soundscapes

We are now developing a tool to characterise sounds and soundscapes. With the mobile application Soundscape Characterisation Tool – SCT, you will be able to express the sounds and make audio recordings as a support for memory. SCT helps you to articulate your thoughts about silence and everything that make sounds. In addition, SCT will increase your possibilities to conceptualize a sound design.

SCT has been produced with the purpose to increase the understanding of ‘landscapes’, through developed forms of landscape characterisation (compare for instance with Landscape Character Assessment – LCA). The information can for example be used in landscape analysis, environmental impact assessment and site analysis, but also as a support in the design work. Moreover, the tool can be applied to music, class rooms or similar, i.e. at any place where the hearing and listening reigns.

The notations that you make with the application can be transferred to a computer. We are also developing an associated program that supports your work with structuring comparable texts, as well as the managing of characterisations in a systematic method of your preference. The tool deserves to be tested in the work with inventories, documentation, planning, design, audio recording, composition, future studies, scenario techniques, citizen participation and so on.

In the near future, a prototype of the application will be released. A first version of the application manual is now available in Swedish and English. In addition, there will also be a version in Danish.