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Last changed: 02 November 2021

Welcome to our department, Urban and Rural Development!

This is where you find important student information from the department concerning e.g. computers and forms, or answers of frequently asked questions. If you think something is missing, please contact the page editor. 

Computers and printers

Information about using student computers

  • Please remember that all eating and drinking are forbidden in computer rooms!
  • You have to log out when you have finished your work with the computer, otherwise the next user will not be able to use it 
  • If you – against the rules – have given your username/password to anybody else, you have the full responsibility for all actions taken place while you are logged in
  • During ongoing lectures it is not allowed to go into the computer rooms and sit down at a computer, even if there would be a vacancy.

Save documents at the department network

K:\ is where teachers leave materials for the courses to the students. No student is able to write here, only copy and read.

L:\ is where work that both students and teachers have access to is stored, for instance group work or digital assignments.

IMPORTANT!! Files saved under L:\ are removed after one semester, and the storage is completely deleted at the end of every December and every June.

When you create files, use a normal structure, username or course code number, or the name of the project. The structure is checked regularly, and any files that have been created and named in another way might be removed without further notice.

Contact: David Halim send an e-mail to:, +4618671900 

Printers and copiers

All printers and copiers are connected to SLUPrint. Read more about printers and copiers here.


This is where you find the answers of frequently asked questions. If you think something is missing, please contact the page editor!

Conditional admission

When you receive your admission decision, you should pay particular attention to Notes/Conditions.

If you have been admitted on a course subject to special conditions, you must take a certificate with you at the start of the course to show that you meet these conditions, in other words, that you have passed the course(s) which constitute the entry requirements. You can add your own verifiable national certificate of your results on the Student web. You will find the entry requirements in the course syllabus.

Find out more about entry requirements and conditions here.

Credit transfer

If you want to include courses from other higher education institutions in your degree, you need to transfer the credit for these. Read more about credit transfer here.


When you have completed your studies and want to get your degree certificate, you have to apply for it. Read more about how to apply for your degree here.

Reporting illness

If you are ill for a compulsory course element (such as an examination or seminars) you must report this to the course leader (see course web page), who will notify the relevant teacher.

Transcripts and certificates

Transcripts and certificates are available as an on-line service from Ladok Student on the Student web. Service Centre at SLU can assist you, if you want a printed certificate. Read more about how to get a certificate here.


Reimbursement of travel and other expenses

If you have incurred expenses on a course (for example, for travel or materials), for which your course leader considers you should be reimbursed, you must complete the form: Utbetalning via Proceedo (in Swedish).

Please note that you must always complete this form electronically before signing it so that the text is clear for the person processing the payment. Handwritten forms will not be accepted. Save the electronically completed form in case you need to change anything. An example on how to complete the form Utbetalning via Proceedo can be found here (in Swedish).

You must always enclose at least one of the following documents as an appendix:

  1. For car and travel expenses (including accommodation), enclose the form Document for payment of travel scholarship (mileage allowance). This form should also be completed electronically. Please ensure that the form is signed by both the course leader and the director of studies (Helen Arvidsson), and that any original receipts/tickets are enclosed, taped to a separate sheet.
  2. For other expenses, only original receipts should be enclosed, taped to a separate sheet signed by the course leader.

The forms should be submitted to Elena Vallin,, Financial Officer at the Department of Urban and Rural Development.

Remuneration for course evaluation

To receive this fee, you must complete the form: Hourly pay course evaluation. Complete the sections of the form marked in yellow, preferably electronically, then email the form to the course leader.

The course leader will complete the pink sections, sign the form and submit it to Ann Djurberg, send an e-mail to:, Human Resources Administrator at the Department of Urban and Rural Development.

Avoid tax deductions if you only earn small amounts of money during the year

If you do not want the department to make deductions for tax, you need to submit Swedish tax authority form SKV434, Intyg för utbetalning av lön utan skatteavdrag


Ulls hus

You will find information about Ulls hus here.

Access card

All students are issued with a personal access card for the duration of their studies at SLU. The access card has several functions in addition to opening doors, such as printing and copying. Read more about how to get an access card on the Student web.

More information

More information about being a student at SLU can be found on the Student Web. If you are a program student, you will find program-specific information on the Student Web's program pages.


Director of Studies, undergraduate studies

Helen Arvidsson, +4618671995, send an e-mail to the director of undergraduate studies:

Education administration, undergraduate and postgraduate studies

Marlén Tälleklint, +461867267, send an e-mail to the administrator

Elena Vallin, +4618671947, send an e-mail to the administrator

Landscape Architecture Programme - Uppsala, and courses in Landscape Architecture

Malin Eriksson, Director of Studies, +4618672109, send an e-mail to the director of studies:

Anna Lundvall, Deputy Director of Studies, +4618673512, send an e-mail to the deputy director of studies:

Central Study Advisers, +4618672800, send an e-mail to the Central Study Advisors:

Landscape Architecture for Sustainable Urbanisation - Master's Programme

Lena Steffner, Director of Studies, +46767842450, send an e-mail to the director of studies:

Landscape Engineer Programme

Bodil Dahlman, Director of Studies, +4618672538, send an e-mail to the director of studies:

Agriculture Programme - Rural Development, the programme Rural Development - Societal change, and courses in Rural Development

Katarina Pettersson, Director of Studies, +4618671425, send an e-mail to the director of studies:

Patrik Cras, Deputy Director of Studies, +4618671652, send an e-mail to the deputy director of studies:

Rural Development and Natural Resource Management - Master's Programme

Katarina Pettersson, Director of Studies, +4618671425, send an e-mail to the director of studies:

Patrik Cras, Deputy Director of Studies, +4618671652, send an e-mail to the deputy director of studies:

Environmental Communication and Management - Master's Programme, and courses in Environmental Conmmunication

Camilo Calderon, Director of Studies, +4618672619, send an e-mail to the director of studies:

Courses in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Mari Kågström, Researcher, +461867516, send an e-mail to the researcher in EIA:

Political Science – Sustainable Development (BSc)

Patrik Oskarsson, Director of Studies, +4618672666, send an email to the director of studies:

Other members of the staff you may come in contact with

David Halim, Technical Coordinator, +4618671900, send an e-mail to: 

Karen Gould Ekström, Department Assistant, +4618672688, send an e-mail to:

Ann Djurberg, Human Resource Administrator, +4618672088, send an e-mail to:

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