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Who is who at the Dept.?

At The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU - the Department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies we work with super exciting things! In order for you to get to know us a little better and find out what we do, we present ourselves here.

Robert Spitzer

Helena Königsson

Linda Vikström

Tim Horstkotte

Sabrina Dressel

Daniel Cerveny

Emelie Fredriksson

Lo Persson

Martijn Versluijs

Sabine Pfeffer

Therese Löfroth

Published: 05 March 2020 - Page editor: susanna.bergstrom@slu.se

Contacts at Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Evironmental Studies

Head of department: Anders Alanärä +46 (0)90-786 8215
Assistant head of department: Anne-Maarit Hekkala +46(0)90-786 83 70, +46(0)72-242 97 13

Postal address: Department of Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental Studies, SE-901 83, Sweden
Visiting address: Skogsmarksgränd, SE-907 36 Umeå, Sweden
Payment address: SLU Fakturamottagning Box 7090, SE-750 07 Uppsala, Sweden