Forest Conservation Biology

Last changed: 03 March 2021
 Person doing field work in forest. Photo.

Do you want to work with nature conservation at a forest company, authority, NGO, as a prospective researcher or internationally? Then the course Forest Conservation Biology is something for you.

Animal and plant species and their habitats continue to decline worldwide. With in-depth knowledge in conservation biology, you can participate and work to reverse the development.

The course builds on knowledge of ecology that you have from previous courses at SLU or any other university by putting the knowledge in a larger context. In the course you will get an in-depth theoretical knowledge related to the latest about conservation biology from SLU's teachers. You will also receive knowledge from professionals who work with forest and nature conservation.

The aim is to gain in-depth knowledge of the theoretical background to nature conservation biology, how nature conservation can be combined with production and social values, national and international laws and other control systems, which actors work, and how to interpret and discuss scientific literature.

The course is at a distance so you can sit at your own computer, but if you have the opportunity to get to our lecture rooms in Umeå or Uppsala, you can meet teachers and trainers on site. Everyone will meet at one occasion for excursions in either Uppsala or Umeå.

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