New reference area in Västerbotten

Last changed: 03 November 2017

The first three months have passed that 27 female moose have been equipped with GPS neck collars in the Nordmaling area.

The marking is part of the Beyond Moose research program and will help to increase our understanding of how moose move in the landscape and utilize their habitats in multi-species systems. The area in Nordmaling is unique as it is the only that far north that have roe deer, fallow deer, and red deer, next to moose. Next to studies on movement and habitat utilization, another project is joining this marking effort. Veterinarians Jon Arnemo and Alina Evans studying the ecophysiology of moose. For these study questions, the moose do not only carry a GPS neck collar, but have been equipped with a little sensor in the stomach and under the skin that measures body temperature and heartbeat.

The movement of the moose can be followed by two weeks delay under the following link: (opens in a new window)

Abbreviations: HK-Haparanda-Kalix, GÄ-Gällivare, JU-Junosuando, SV-Svappavaara, NM-Nordmaling, F or M-Nikkaluokta.

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