Andrew Allen

Last changed: 03 December 2020

Research interests

My project aims to identify the optimal scale of management of moving animals. All animals move in response to cues and drivers. These movements create challenges for management as more dynamic approaches may be required to monitor and manage them. Traditionally, spatially explicit strategies such as protected areas, designated hunting areas or reserves have been used to manage moving animals, but increasingly it is realized that such measures are not optimal since species may move variable distances making management extremely challenging. Through this study, I will use a movement ecology approach that combines environmental and anthropogenic drivers, includes multiple use of landscape, and decision theory that incorporates uncertainty and future changes to identify optimal scale of management.

I will use moose (Alces alces) in Sweden as a study species. Moose exhibit multiple movement strategies such as range residency, dispersal, nomadism and migration within a population and they are an important game animal in Sweden, one that generates wide interest amongst the government, hunting community, forestry, and scientists. The project outcomes aim to improve management of moose in Sweden and also build a framework for identifying the optimal scale of management for moving animals in general.