Göran Ericsson

Last changed: 30 November 2017

Research interests

My tenured professorship focuses on two main topics; the use of the biological resource base (e.g. fish, wildlife, forests) in boreal landscapes and the human user groups (e.g. hunters, fishermen, tourists). I also focus my research agenda towards the interactions between the resource base and the users. Consequently I and my group study a wide range of topics from herbivore-plant interactions (e.g. deciduous trees population dynamics, herbivore browsing) via animal ecology (e.g. moose ecology, behavior, migration) to human interactions with wildlife (e.g. impact, disturbance of brown bears, moose, tourism). A key feature of my group is our studies of habitat use and migration using state-of-the-art technology and analytical approaches. In Europe I am one of the forerunners in the studies of the human dimensions of wildlife. Annually we give an advanced international 2 year Master program "Management of Fish and Wildlife Populations" where Human Dimensions is a signature subject.