Holger Dettki

Last changed: 12 April 2018

Research interests

My main interests are focused on the effects landscape change on species distribution, movement and habitat selection. Further my research aims to provide software tools for researchers, decision makers and the general public to visualize and model species movement, migration and habitat selection of GPS-collared animals, mainly moose, in a web-based interactive GIS interface. An important aspect of this e-science approach is the ability of the system for large-scale, multi-user real-time data capture of wild life data, storage and data sharing across international database networks.


Dr. Holger Dettki, Assoc. Prof.
Umeå Center for Wireless Remote Animal Monitoring (UC-WRAM)
Dept. for Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental Studies, SLU
Tel. +46 90 786 8505, +46 73 048 7872