County of Sörmland, Öster Malma (58° N, 17° E)

Last changed: 02 June 2021

In February 2009, we marked 25 moose in the area near Öster Malma (5 males and 20 females). In January 2010, we marked additional 7 moose in order to replace those we had lost in 2009. As for the marking project "Växjö", “Öster Malma” is a very exciting study area for several reasons. First, questions concerning moose and forestry are central, but almost more important the area is unique with respect to occurrence and densities of several different ungulate species. The area is one of the study sites in the research program BEYOND MOOSE, which launched in 2015 and since then studies intensively the distribution and occurrence of browsing damages and ungulate densities, as well as ungulate diet with help of permanent and temporal exclosures, pellet counts, vegetation inventory, and genetic analyses. In early 2012, we marked an additional of 39 moose (29 females and 10 males) to replace some of the losses during previous years and to expand our research effort in this area. By the end of 2017, 75 adult moose (57 females, 18 males) have been marked and we have been able to document the birth and survival of 124 calves of the year. The project is basically finished, but some moose have still their devices.

Map showing first tagging position

Map showing first tagging position.