History of wildlife populations and their management

Last changed: 12 December 2017


  • To reconstruct distribution and population sizes of wildlife species in Sweden during the last centuries.
  • To describe and analyze past management systems together with the drivers behind the changes in legislation and practical management.

Project description:

The overall aim is to highlights wildlife in a historical perspective, but also the process of conservation. The work is multidisciplinary and covers population data, hunting statistics, laws, bounties and other information connected to wildlife management and conservation. An important task is to cover the discussions on wildlife related issues in society and especially the drivers of change during different time periods.

Ongoing work includes a book on lynx in Swedish and a couple of scientific papers on the restoration of the moose population and a critical evaluation of the different management regimes that followed.

Israel Adolf af Ström, founder of Sweden's
national Forestry Institute.

Project leaders:
Kjell Danell
Roger Bergström