About the department

Last changed: 16 August 2019

The focus of the department is on the human environment as a place for work, economic activities, health and well-being. The basic assumption is that health and well-being is a major force for a positive development of society, including business and management.

Head of department: Christina Lunner Kolstrup, christina.kolstrup@slu.se, +46 40 41 54 94
Deputy head of department: Sara Spendrup, sara.spendrup@slu.se, +46 40 41 55 07
Department director of studies: Mats Gyllin, mats.gyllin@slu.se, +46 40 41 55 37
Department director of doctoral studies: Caroline Hägerhäll, caroline.hagerhall@slu.se, +46 40 41 50 15

Mailing address: P.O. Box 88, S–230 53 Alnarp
Street address: Slottsvägen 5, and Pomonavägen 10 (Rehabilitation Garden).

Work science deals with safe, healthy and stimulating working environments and good leadership, particularly within the agricultural sector. This is achieved through close cooperation with involved stakeholders.

Business economics includes economic issues relevant to the main profile of the faculty, focusing on marketing, competition, business management and consumer behaviour, particularly concerning food and health.

Environmental psychology, as manifested within the department, concerns interactions between people and the physical, outdoor environment, particularly the role of the landscape for health and quality of life.


The department involves a broad profile of competence, including agricultural scientists, occupational therapists, behavioural scientists, biologists, economists, gardeners, public health scientists, horticultural scientists, natural scientists, landscape architects, physicians, physiotherapists and horticultural managers.


marianne.persson@slu.se, +46 730 61 65 04