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Fasaden på Ulls hus, Uppsala

Uppsala is Sweden’s forth largest city, and the hub of SLU’s educational activities. Located just outside of the city centre, SLU’s Uppsala campus is spacious, leafy and picturesque. It is a fitting setting for Sweden’s only agricultural university, and possibly the most research-intensive of all universities. With two universities located in Uppsala, students can enjoy a lively, dynamic and stimulating atmosphere.

Uppsala has 185,000 inhabitants, of which 35,000 are students. Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, is just a forty-minute train ride away. Uppsala’s central location and close proximity to Arlanda airport make it a gateway to the rest of Sweden and the world.

Downtown Uppsala is a bustling cultural and commercial centre with an array of cafés, shops and a newly built concert hall. The river Fyrisån runs right through the city centre, providing a natural focal point and making it hard to get lost. This can be a good thing after an evening spent at one of the city’s 13 student societies.

SLU’s Uppsala campus is located in Ultuna, about 6 km outside the city centre. Uppsala is known as a city of bicycles. Cycling is the most popular mode of transportation for students, and it takes between 20 – 35 minutes to bike from town out to SLU.

Ultuna is an ideal area for sporting activities, with football pitches, a beach vollyball course, Frisbee golf course, jogging and bicycle paths and a Friskis & Svettis gym on campus. Students are also welcome to visit all the other gyms in Uppsala, there are several to choose between.

Centre for Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science  Photo: Jenny Svennås-Gillner

Accommodation Uppsala

Have you been admitted to one of SLU's degree programmes? Are you looking for accommodation? 

Please visit Accommodation - Uppsala for more information. 

How to get to Ultuna campus

Visiting address, Servicecenter: Ulls hus, Almas allé 8, Uppsala

By car from Stockholm

Drive E4 to Uppsala. When you are close to Uppsala, the motorway exit is to the right, with signs "Uppsala S".

Continue to the roundabout and turn right at the third roundabout exit. Follow the signs to "Ultuna" (you will pass a bridge over the Fyris river). At the traffic light after the bridge, turn left.

After about one kilometer, turn right at the sign "Djursjukhus". You are now at Campus Ultuna.

By bus or train from Arlanda Airport

Bus 801 and local trains go from the airport to the city centre of Uppsala.

Local buses

Take the city bus to Ultuna. The stops at the campus are Veterinärvägen, Campus Ultuna, Ultuna Södra and Arrheniusplan. Some regional buses also stop at Ultuna.

Student blogs - Uppsala

Would you like to know more about SLU and the student life in Uppsala? Students will here tell you more about their life at the university. 

Student unions Uppsala

Like all students in Sweden, those at SLU have the opportunity to become a member of a student union.  

The student unions are organisations created and driven by students, for students.  One of the most important responsibilities of the union is to oversee the quality of SLU's programmes and courses and to campaign for the rights and privileges of the student body. The union can assist students who are having problems both economically or socially.  Becoming a member of the student union is a very effective way to influence the actions and decisions that affect you as a student.

The student union also plays a very important social roll on campus.  Students can go to the union building when they want to party, meet for coffee, study with friends or simply socialise.  As a new student, becoming a member of the student union is a great way to meet new people.  SLU's student union has a wide variety of groups and committees, with something to interest almost everyone.  You can play sports and games, sing in a choir, act in a play, help to organise parties and events, take a dance class, get your hunting licence, and much more.  As a member you are welcome to partake in all union activities and functions, pursue a new hobby and make life-long friends.

If you have any questions about becoming a member, please contact the student union registrar's office on your campus:
Ultuna International Committee. 

The student nations occupy a central role in Uppsala student life, and works much like the student unions.  There are thirteen student nations that date back to the 17th century.  The nations vary in size and popularity, but each offers an exciting array of activities for students.  For example, the nations arrange cafés, pubs, discos, lunches, formal three-course dinners, balls, concerts, and theatre productions.  Students have the opportunity to find work at the nations, often assisting in the kitchen or bar.  Working at the nations is an easy and enjoyable way for students to earn extra money. 

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