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Sustainable cropping systems

*Subject matter: *

The focus is on maintenance and improvement of soil quality, including biological, chemical and physical aspects. Crop rotation, tillage, plant nutrient supply and soil water management are important topics, as well as the prevention of erosion, soil pollution and losses of nutrients to the environment. The ways in which cropping systems affect and are affected by climate change are addressed.

The course conveys knowledge about the soil as a natural resource, its quality – chemical, physical and biological aspects – and how management factors interact to affect soil quality and cropping system sustainability. The influence of cropping systems and soil quality on animals, human health, food production and economy are discussed.

Exercises provide training in processing and interpreting data from field experiments, understanding data from plant and soil analyses and planning for both long term soil fertility and short term fertilisation and liming. Issues relevant to the course subject matter will be discussed at seminars and field visits.

*Implementation: *

The learning outcomes will be met through:

lectures, literature studies, projekt work, study visits, seminars and exercises in field and laboratories.

The course focus on this general competences:

  • Information competence

  • critical thinking

  • scientific method

  • written communication

  • collaboration

  • creativity

Compulsory parts:

  • Course introduction

  • Exercises

  • Study visits

  • Seminars

  • Laboratory work

  • Presentations

Collaboration with the surrounding community takes place through study visits and project work.

Course evaluation

The course evaluation is now closed

LB0127-20155 - Course evaluation report

Once the evaluation is closed, the course coordinator and student representative have 1 month to draft their comments. The comments will be published in the evaluation report.

Syllabus and other information

Course facts

The course is offered as an independent course: Yes The course is offered as a programme course: Syllabus for Horticultural Management – Gardening and Horticultural Production (BSc) Agriculture and Rural Management (BSc) Tuition fee: Tuition fee only for non-EU/EEA/Switzerland citizens: 38060 SEK Cycle: Bachelor’s level (G1F)
Subject: Agricultural Science Biology
Course code: LB0127 Application code: SLU-20155 Location: Alnarp Distance course: No Language: Swedish Responsible department: Department of Biosystems and Technology Pace: 100%