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Microeconomics III

*Subject content: *

The course provides a more profound knowledge in microeconomic theory in order to analyse the behaviour of consumers and producers as well as to analyse markets from a welfare perspective. During the course it is emphasised that the students should understand and be able to interpret central economic relations and, given different functional forms, mathematically solve, analyse and draw conclusions about economic problems as well as evaluate the effects of public policies.

The course consists of the following elements:

  • consumption, production, supply, and demand

  • the competitive model, general equilibrium, and economic welfare

  • market power

  • factor markets 

*Course implementation: *

The course uses different teaching methods to promote students' learning and discussions through: 

Lectures and exercises.

The course focuses on the following general competences: 

Critical thinking, problem solving and scientific methods.

Course evaluation

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Academic year 2023/2024

Microeconomics III (NA0194-30346)

2024-01-15 - 2024-02-14

Syllabus and other information

Litterature list

Microeconomic Theory - Basic Principles and Extensions, 12th edition, by W. Nicholson & C. Snyder. ISBN: 9781305505797

Microeconomics: theory and applications with calculus, 4th edition, by Jeffrey M. Perloff.

Course facts

The course is offered as an independent course: Yes The course is offered as a programme course: Political Science - Sustainable Development (BSc) Agricultural Business and Economics Business and Economics - Sustainable Development (BSc) Tuition fee: Tuition fee only for non-EU/EEA/Switzerland citizens: 13090 SEK Cycle: Bachelor’s level (G2F)
Subject: Economics
Course code: NA0194 Application code: SLU-30229 Location: Uppsala Distance course: No Language: English Responsible department: Department of Economics Pace: 100%