Plant Biology

Published: 13 October 2017

Plants are of fundamental importance to most types of agricultural and ecological systems. Plant Biology covers many aspects of plant life and crop production, such as plant diseases and how they affect both the yield and quality of products. Knowledge of plant functions and their interaction with their surroundings is necessary for sustainable plant production and hence sustainable development.

The programme is open for students with an equivalent to a Bachelor of Science in Biology. The target group is Swedish as well as international students from all over the world with a keen interest in different aspects of plant biology such as physiology, plant pathology, plant-microbe interactions, production biology, stress, photosynthesis, diversity, breeding and plant development.

The programme is run in collaboration with Uppsala University and Stockholm University.

UN's sustainable development goals in the education

SLU's educations creates knowledge which contributes to the goals for sustainable development, both in Sweden and internationally. 


Plant products are of fundamental importance to mankind as food, animal feed, building material, fibres and medicine. How do we use this enormous resource? Plant biology is a central area of biology.

The Master’s programme in plant biology will provide in-depth knowledge about plants as well as applied experience. The programme is run in collaboration with Uppsala University and Stockholm University. 

Appendix: You can find the whole course schedule for Plant Biology here. 

The second year ends with a project of 30 credits, where you will be able to delve deeper into a subject of your choice. You will also be trained in how to manage research projects and to communicate with different target groups.

Want to know more? You can read the syllabus at the student web. 


The aim of the programme is to prepare for post graduate studies and research in plant biology as well as to give an education attractive on the job market. After graduation you will be able to work within agriculture extension, agricultural companies, plant breeding, foreign aid, public administration and universities.

Student life

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Qualification Awarded

Degree of Master (120 credits) with a major in Biology.


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