Content, Euroforester

Published: 26 April 2013

Subject illustrations: Fredrik Saarkoppel, Kobolt Media AB 


Euroforester focuses on sustainable forestry in the Baltic Sea region – the hub of European forest resources. Countries in the region share comparable natural conditions, but vary markedly in forestry practices and traditions. This thereby provides an excellent setting for international studies in forest management. In addition, students also form their own international network with their peers and the international teacher team, further aiding their acquisition of up-to-date knowledge and wide perspective. For Swedish students from Umeå, Euroforester also appeals by offering extensive knowledge in the management of forests within the conditions of southern Sweden.

The program starts with a one-year course package with emphases on silviculture, ecology, planning and policy.

Conifer dominated forestry is the focus of the 1st course, for which the influence of silviculture on forest development is examined in depth at the stand level.

The 2nd course scales up to the estate level, addressing the principles and practices of sustainable forest management. Students prepare long-term forest management plans for a large estate in the region.

The 3rd course addresses forest policy at national, regional and global levels. A great deal of attention is given to comparative policy analyses among the home countries of the participating students.

The ecology and usage of broadleaved forests are the themes in the 4th course. The impact of modern forestry on biodiversity is discussed together with strategies for preserving a rich flora and fauna within production forests.

During the second year students work with their Master’s thesis and attend elective courses at any partner faculties. Students who stay on the Alnarp campus can specialise in advanced silviculture in temporal and in tropical forests. In many cases, the Master thesis is conducted in co-operation with other faculties, with supervisors sourced from more than one country.

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