Tentamensal 1 (The teaching building), Ultuna, Uppsala, Uppsala

Mini-symposium: Environmental Risk Assessment for Plant Pests

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What do we risk to lose and how can it be measured? – the impact of new plant pests on ecosystem services, biodiversity and social values.

We welcome researchers and stakeholders to this mini-symposium to highlight and discuss the non-monetary values that are threatened by new non-native plant pests in agriculture, forestry, horticulture, and natural areas. How can these values, such as biodiversity, ecosystem services and social values, be evaluated and integrated into pest risk assessments?


Register by sending an e-mail to Johanna Boberg including your name, affiliation and if you wish to have vegetarian food, or have any kind of allergies or dietary restrictions. Since there is a limited number of seats, registrations are on a first come, first-serve basis.

You can also participate in the mini-symposium online. Please contact Niklas Björklund by mail to register and receive an invitation to connect.

The mini-symposium is free of charge and includes a light lunch.

Time: 2017-11-14 08:00 - 17:00
City: Uppsala
Location: Tentamensal 1 (The teaching building), Ultuna, Uppsala
Organiser: Unit for Risk Assessment of Plant Pests, SLU
Last signup date: 31 October 2017

Coffee and registration

Welcome and presentation
Johanna Boberg and Niklas Björklund, SLU

The assessment of risk to ecosystem services from introduced tree pests and pathogens and mitigation actions – the UK experience
Peter Freer-Smith, Great Britain Forestry Commission and University of California Davis

Challenges in estimating economic effects of plant pests: Costs of invasive pathogens on forests in EU
Ing-Marie Gren, Dept. of Economics, SLU


Ecological impact assessments of alien species
Malin Strand, The Swedish Species Information Centre, SLU

Socio-economic impact assessment of invasive plants: recent developments and limitations
Christoph Kueffer, Institute of Integrative Biology, ETH Zurich


Environmental risk assessments of plant pests at EFSA
Sybren Vos, European Food Safety Authority

Outcome of the recent VKM-EFSA Symposium
Micael Wendell, Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food Safety

The risk management perspective
Karin Nordin, Swedish Board of Agriculture

Where do we go from here?
Afternoon discussion session incl. coffee

Closing remarks and end of the day

Download the program in pdf-format
Download the presentations here:

Peter Freer-Smith.pdf

Ing-Marie Gren.pdf

Malin Strand.pdf

Christoph Kueffer.pdf

Sybren Voss.pdf

Micael Wendell_.pdf

Karin Nordin.pdf

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