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Welcome to the CRU Workshop: Can we identify super sires by sperm quality evaluation?

21th of September 2017

Place: Room Ratatosk in VCH, Ulls väg 26, Ulltuna

13:30             Magnus Andersson, University of Helsinki, Finland, The gonadal hypoplasia of the Swedish mountain breed revisited 70 years after Karl Eriksson’s PhD thesis and 50 years after Ingemar Settergren’s PhD thesis.

14.00             Geert Opsomer, University of Ghent, Belgium, Heat stress and fertility in Belgian Blue and Holstein Friesian bulls

14:30             Elisabeth Kommisrud, Hedmark University College, Norway, Influence of bull age on sperm quality

15:00 coffee break

15:30             Henrik Callesen, Aarhus University, Denmark, Basic and practical aspects of pregnancy establishment in cattle

16:00             Ann Van Soom, University of Ghent, Belgium, Semen evaluation and sire fertility in dogs and cats: a correlation most difficult to find

16:30             General Discussion

For more information, please contact Prof. Jane Morrrell: jane.morrell@slu.se

Time: 2017-09-21 13:30
City: Uppsala
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