CRU symposium: Reproductive toxicity and endocrine disruption - an update

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CRU welcomes all interested to the lunch-to-lunch symposium Reproductive toxicity and endocrine disruption - an update, 18-19 October 2018. 

Location: EBC (Evolutionary Biology Centre), Uppsala University, Uppsala

Extended deadline for registration: October 5th

Keynote speaker:

Professor Charles Tyler, Exeter University, UK, ”Using fish for assessing the environmental impacts of endocrine disrupting chemicals”.

Professor Charles Tyler is a world leading researcher in the field of ecotoxicological effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals. His research spans investigations into the mechanisms of endocrine disrupting chemicals and assessment of population level effects of environmental contaminants in wildlife, principally fish.

Other invited speakers (full programme below):

Anders Glynn, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences: "Early-life exposure to PFASs and child health – results from the POPUP cohort"

Ida Hallgren, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences: "Effects of PFNA on embryo development  in a bovine in vitro model"

Anna Mattsson, Uppsala University: "Bisphenol AF and a metabolite of bisphenol A disrupt reproductive organ development in the chicken embryo"

Anna Roos, Swedish Museum of Natural History: "Maternal transfer of pollutants via lactation in otters"

Astrud Tuck, Karolinska Institute: ”Modulation of human ovarian biology resulting from exposure of a phthalate mixture representative of exposure levels in Swedish pregnant women”

Louise Ramhøj, National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark: "Effects of PFAS in rats – mixture effects and endocrine disruption"

Matts Olovsson, Uppsala University: "In vitro studies of effects of endocrine disrupting chemicals on human endometrial receptivity and embryo implantation"

Paul Jepson, Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London, UK: "The Killer Whale Apocalypse – PCBs and reproductive toxicity"

Sara Persson, Swedish Museum of Natural History: “Has reproduction in Baltic Sea ringed seals recovered?”

Sofie Svanholm, Uppsala University: "Multigenerational effects of an anti-androgen in the male reproductive system of frogs"

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Payment and registration

Attendence fee: 400 SEK, including symposium attendance, light lunch, coffee in the afternoon and dinner 2018-10-18, as well as morning coffee and light lunch 2018-10-19.

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Deadline for registration: October 5

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Time: 2018-10-18 - 2018-10-19
City: Uppsala


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