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Fake or facts about food? 4 pm

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We zoom in on the discussion about fake news, food myths and questioning of established knowledge in the food area. Who can you trust? How can we make wise decisions when we do not have the time or knowledge enough to find out what is facts or fake?

Whether the decision you are about to take is concerning the national food strategy or what to serve for dinner, you are influenced by a variety of more or less well-founded messages about the food we eat. As consumers, we feel worried and want to do the right thing. Today, an influencer can have more influence than the authorities over someone who wants to know what is wise to eat with regard to the environment, animal welfare or health.

A panel of politicians, journalists, opinion makers, researchers and actors in the food industry discusses the challenges of reaching out with scientific knowledge. What messages do we buy and which ones do we not buy? How can future decision makers decide upon what information they will base their decisions on and how can they help consumers feel safe in their food choices?

The seminar is opened by Lotta Törner, CEO of Skåne Food Innovation Network (Livsmedelsakademin) and Emma Frans, influencer in social media, researcher at Karolinska Institutet, science journalist and author of the book "Larmrapporten".

During the seminar something edible related to the subject will be served. We also offer concrete advice on how to see through fake news, reach out with real science and make informed decisions.


  • Annika Åhnberg, former Minister of Agriculture


  • Emma Frans, influencer, researcher, Karolinska institutet (KI)
  • Lotta Törner, CEO, Skåne Food Innovation Network (Livsmedelsakademin)
  • Ulf Magnusson, professor, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
  • Anna Lehrman, deputy programme director, Mistra Biotech, SLU
  • Christina Lindahl, Head of Communications , National Food Agency
  • Victor Rundqvist, Centerpariets Ungdomsförbund
  • Alicia Nathanson Thulin, Unga Feminister


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Time: 2018-07-03 16:00 - 17:30
City: Visby
Location: Almedalsveckan
Organiser: SLU Future Food
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Location: Uppsala university, Campus Gotland, F building, Hall F14, Skeppsbron 24

Contact persons: Gunilla Leffler,, Phone 0766-118 90 77, Annsofie Wahlström,

Follow @SLUFutureFood on Twitter. During the seminar we will tweet with the hashtag #fakeellerfakta .

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