Prion diseases in animal and man

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Conference on Prion diseases in animal and man

A deadly prion-borne disease, Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) has been detected in Scandinavian deer, 19 wild reindeer and 4 moose in Norway 2016, one moose in Finland 2018 and at three moose in Sweden 2019. CWD is a transmissible spongiform -cephalopathy (TSE) as well as Scrapie in sheep, BSE in cows and Creutzfeldt-Jacobs disease in humans.

The prion protein (PrP) is a body protein in mammals that in altered form gives rise to disease in humans and animals. As the PrP structure changes and aggregates, very stable infectious prions forming fibrous filaments, amyloids are formed. The folding form is stable and self-replicates in a catalyzed process and transforms the healthy PrP into the diseased form. Norwegian researchers have discovered that the Norwegian CWD cases differ from those occurring in North America and that CWD in Scandinavian deer animals differ among themselves.

For Sweden and the Nordic countries, knowledge about prions is limited and very little research has been done in this area in our part of the world. With the findings of CWD made in Scandinavia, EU has decided on a monitoring of moose and reindeer. Monitoring is important for detecting cases of the disease and information is important for epidemiological analyzes. But ONLY monitoring is not sufficient for understanding the prevalence, spread and source of prion diseases, major research efforts are needed.

SLU has shown that genetic variations in the body protein PrP are of great importance for the susceptibility of infection as well as for the spread of infection within or between species. At the Dept. of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry, research is being conducted on developing sensitive methods for detecting prions. Movement ecology of ungulates is an important research topic at the Dept. of Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental Studies. One of the moose diagnosed with CWD in Sweden had a GPS (global positioning system) collar and analysis of movement of thisand other diseased animals can give important insights on potential contamination and risk areas.  

Time: 2019-11-18
City: Uppsala
Organiser: Dept. of Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry and Dept. of Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental Studies. SLU Future Animals, Nature and Health grant the conference.
Last signup date: 13 November 2019
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When and where
Date: 18 November 2019 09.30-17.00
Place: Park Inn by Radisson, Storgatan 30, Uppsala, 753 31, + 46 (18) 68 11 00

Margareta Stéen (margareta.steen@slu.se) and Frauke Ecke (frauke.ecke@slu.se)



Prel program





Fika and registration

Park Inn


Welcome and introduction

Margareta Stéen, Swedish University of   Agricultural Sciences (SLU)


Polymorphism in PrP and its relevance   for moose and public health/Polymorfism hos PrP och dess relevans för älgen   och folkhälsan

Sofia Mikko, SLU



The chemistry of amyloids and   prions/Amyloider och prioners kemi

Per   Hammarström; University of Linköping (LiU)


A   reductionistic approach to investigation of mammalian prion diseases/En   reduktionistisk strategi för studier av däggdjurs prionsjukdomar

Sofie   Nyström, LiU



Experimental models of prion diseases/Experimentella modeller av   prionsjukdomar


Walker Jackson, LiU







Detection of aggregated   prion proteins through rolling circle amplification of proximity ligation   immuno markers/Detektion av aggregerade prionproteiner med PLARCA

Erik Pelve, SLU


Chronic wasting disease   (CWD) strain emergence and PRNP poly-morphism in North America/CWD olika   stammar och PRNP polymorfism i Nordamerika

Sabine Gilch, University of   Calgary, Canada


Fika and mingel



Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in Norwegian deer/Skrantesjuke hos   norska hjortdjur

Jørn Våge, Norwegian Veterinary Institute (NVI)



Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in Norwegian deer and difference   between them/ CWDs likheter och olikheter hos norska hjortdjur

Sylvie Benestad, NVI


Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in Sweden/Avmagringssjukan i   Sverige

Maria Nöremark; Statens veterinärmedicinska anstalt (SVA)


Early warning systems for diseases with environmental persistence   /Varningssystem för sjukdomar med miljöbeständighet - behov av övervakning   och analys

Frauke Ecke, SLU



Thanks and Goodbye

Margareta Stéen, SLU


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