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CANCELLED Sustainable diets from sustainable food production, part 3

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CANCELLED! Welcome to a workshop arranged by SLU Future Food for SLU researchers on sustainable diets and sustainable food production. The workshop is the last part in a series of three workshops.

Last day for registration has passed.


At two previous workshops we have focused on future images of a sustainable food system and what needs to be changed. On June 11 we will focus on how to get there. You are welcome to participate even if you have not had the opportunity to participate in the previous ones.

Researchers at SLU (you!) have a unique position when discussing how to solve complex challenges like ‘How can we achieve sustainable, healthy diets from sustainable food production?’ The aims for this series of workshops is to utilize the knowledge of colleagues within this area of expertise, network with old and new contacts, find new possibilities for collaboration and to get ideas for projects and proposals.

For example, MISTRA has just opened a call focusing on food security and sustainable food production and SLU has decided to take the lead in writing a proposal for this call. These workshops are important opportunities to gather inputs and ideas for this proposal.

This is the 3rd workshop out of three planned. The first one took place the 13th of March and the second workshop on the 23rd of April.

Please note, that in order to avoid food waste a no-show fee of 150 SEK may be applied. If you need to travel to Uppsala, we will of course reimburse you for travel expense.


Time: 2019-06-11
City: Uppsala
Location: Green Innovation Park, Ultuna
Organiser: SLU Future Food
Last signup date: 4 June 2019


Coffee and networking

Welcome and introduction to the workshop.

Workshop that aims to, based on science, finding cross-disciplinary approaches on how to achieve the desirable transitions previously identified. 


Workshop cont.

Discussions and preparations of what to present at the mingle.

Mingle and snacks with workshop participants and other SLU colleagues. Presentation of ideas from the workshop

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