Audhumbla VHC and webinar, Uppsala

Weed seed predation : a promising ecosystem service in agriculture

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Eirini-Lamprini Daouti defends her thesis "Weed seed predation : a promising ecosystem service in agriculture" on 29th October 2021

All interested are welcome to take part in the public defense online


Link to thesis: https://pub.epsilon.slu.se/25535/
Author / Respondent: MSc Eirini-Lamprini Daouti
External reviewer / Opponent: Carmen Blubaugh, Assistant Professor, University of Georgia, CAES Campus 413 Biological Sciences Building, Athens, GA 30602
Time: 2021-10-29 14:00
City: Uppsala
Location: Audhumbla VHC and webinar
Organiser: Department of Ecology
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Pls contact mattias.jonsson@slu.se  for online adress and login information

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