STUDENTS! Want to win an exclusive meeting with two internationally-acclaimed One Health experts?

We are counting down the days to the end of a competition between continents to see which continent produces the most ISOHA student participation in the Lesson Leaders Program!

The certified students from the continent with the most ISOHA-affiliated students to complete the Lesson Leaders Program by April 25th, 2021 will win an exclusive meeting with Dr. Deborah Thomson, Founder and President of One Health Lessons, and Dr. Cheryl Stroud, Executive Director of the One Health Commission.

As of April 6rd, 2021, Africa is in the lead with 45 ISOHA-affiliated sign-ups! However, those who sign up must complete the certification process to be included in the tally for the competition.

The Lesson Leaders Program is a 4-hour training program (separated into four, 1-hour blocks) to equip the public with skills to teach One Health Lessons in their own communities. Volunteers will attend an orientation, shadow two 1-hour lessons, and then teach on their own with another volunteer watching. Because this is a several step process, SIGN UP TODAY!


FOR STUDENTS ONLY: be sure to select on the sign up form that you heard about the program through ISOHA to become a jointly certified Lesson Leader by OHL and ISOHA and for your certification to be counted towards the Continent Competition.

Only student participation will determine the winner of the Continent Competition. Only students who become Certified Lesson Leaders by completing the Lesson Leaders Program by April 25, 2021 AND who are from the continent with the most ISOHA-affiliated Certified Lesson Leaders will be invited to the meeting with Dr. Thomson and Dr. Stroud.

However, the Lesson Leaders Program is open to anyone age 18+, and all are encouraged to sign up, even if you are not a student!

Please contact LessonLeadersProgram@gmail.com and vpo.isohaexco@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.

Time: 2021-04-25 00:00
City: Digital
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