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Agriculture started global warming – can it help to stop it?

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Photo of Keith Paustian

Don´t miss this Tamm seminar by Keith Paustian, holder of H. M. King Carl XVI Gustaf’s professorship in environmental sciences 2022–23 and visiting professor at the Department of Ecology, SLU, Uppsala. Potential contributions from the agricultural sector to mitigate climate change and the role of research to help overcome these constraints will be discussed.

While some evidence suggests that the human fingerprint on the Earth’s climate may date back several thousand years, there is no doubt that agriculture and related-land use has been the main anthropogenic source of greenhouse gas (GHG) increases in the atmosphere, up until the 1930s. 

Even today agriculture is the largest source of N2O emissions and one of the largest emitters of CH4, two of the principal GHGs impacting climate. 

However, improved management practices and new agronomic technologies have the potential to substantially reduce GHG emissions and contribute to CO2 ‘drawdown’ from the atmosphere.   Achieving this will, however, require dealing with a variety of environmental, technological, economic and policy constraints.  


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Time: 2023-02-07 13:00
City: Uppsala och Zoom
Location: Tammsalen, Ecology Centre