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Abdulai Guinguina

Abdulai Guinguina


My research aims at understanding the variation between cows in the components that have an impact on feed efficiency, and to evaluate and develop methods in applied agriculture to rank the cows based on feed efficiency. The main task is to collect data from studies conducted in respiration chamber or with the GreenFeed system and to carry out statistical analyses.

Selected publications

Guinguina, A., Yan, T., Lund, P., Bayat, A.R., Hellwing, A.L.F. and Huhtanen, P., 2020. Between-cow variation in the components of feed efficiency. Journal of Dairy Science, 103(9), pp.7968-7982.

Guinguina, A., Yan, T., Bayat, A.R., Lund, P. and Huhtanen, P., 2020. The effects of energy metabolism variables on feed efficiency in respiration chamber studies with lactating dairy cows. Journal of Dairy Science, 103(9), pp.7983-7997.

Guinguina, A., Ahvenjärvi, S., Prestløkken, E., Lund, P. and Huhtanen, P., 2019. Predicting feed intake and feed efficiency in lactating dairy cows using digesta marker techniques. animal, 13(10), pp.2277-2288.

Salami, S.A., Guinguina, A., Agboola, J.O., Omede, A.A., Agbonlahor, E.M. and Tayyab, U., 2016. In vivo and postmortem effects of feed antioxidants in livestock: a review of the implications on authorization of antioxidant feed additives. Animal, 10(8), pp.1375-1390.

Postdoctor at the Department of Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden; Animal Husbandry Unit
Telephone: +46907868725
Postal address:
Inst för NJV, husdjursskötsel,
90183 UMEÅ
Visiting address: Skogsmarksgränd, Umeå