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Ana Barreiro

Ana Barreiro
I am a post-doctoral researcher in SLU University in the CSE (Cropping Systems Ecology) group.


My biggest research interest is the study of the soil microbial community, from a point of view that encompasses the biomass and the structure of the entire community. The soil microorganisms are the main agents responsible for long-term sustainability of soil ecosystems, so they are key in agroecology studies.

 My previous work was focused in the soil microbial community in post-fire environments in forest areas. During the next two years (2017-2019) I will be involved in the BIOINVENT project. The focus of this project is to create a generic bio-inventory of functional soil microbial diversity in permanent grassland ecosystems across management and climate.




Bachelor´s degree in Biology (2009) and Master’s degree in Environment and Natural Resources (2010) from the University of Santiago de Compostela. PhD in Environment and Natural Resources in the Soil Science department of the University of Santiago de Compostela (2016).

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