CV page

Anders Johannisson

Senior Scientist at the Division of Reproduction, Department of Clinical Sciences


Works with cell-analytical techniques, with a special focus on functional properties of spermatozoa.


Supervised ≈20 degree projects


Currently involved in several projects aimed at improving and understanding sperm quality


Bsc in Physics — Technical Biology 1986, Uppsala University

PhD in Pathology — Analytical Cytology 1993, SLU

Associate Professor in Experimental Pathology with emphasis on Analytical Cytology 1997, SLU

Professor in Experimental cell biology with focus on analytical cytology 2009, SLU

Selected publications

Author on 143 publications in peer-reviewed journals, H-index 32.

Five selected publications:

Naturally and stimulated levels of reactive oxygen species in cooled stallion semen destined for artificial insemination. Anders Johannisson, Annika Lundgren, Patrice Humblot and  Jane M Morrell. Animal 8, 1706-1714, 2014. (2 citations)

Flow cytometry for the assessment of animal sperm integrity and functionality: state of the art. Md.Sharoare Hossain, Anders Johannisson, Margareta Wallgren, Szabolcs Nagy, Amanda Pimenta Siqueira and Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez.  Asian Journal of Andrology 13, 406-419, 2011. (36 citations)

Colloidal centrifugation with Androcoll-E prolongs stallion sperm motility, viability and chromatin integrity. Anders Johannisson, Jane Morrell, Josefina Thorén, Maria Jönsson, Anne-Marie Dalin and Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez. Anim Reprod Sci, 116, 119-128, 2009. (45 citations)

Simultaneous detection of porcine proinflammatory cytokines using multiplex flow cytometry by the xMAP technology.
Anders Johannisson, Robert Jonasson, Johanna Dernfalk and Marianne Jensen-Waern. Cytometry A 69, 391-395, 2006. (23 citations)

Assessment of fresh and frozen-thawed boar semen using an Annexin-V assay: a new method of evaluating sperm membrane integrity. Fernando Juan Peña, Anders Johannisson, Margareta Wallgren and Heriberto Rodriguez-Martinez. Theriogenology 60, 677-689, 2003. (130 citations)