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Carolina Rodriguez Gonzalez

Carolina Rodriguez Gonzalez


I am an Agronomist with knowledge in Agroecology and sustainable production systems. I am interested in holistic and multidisciplinary approaches to understand ecosystems services, diversified farming systems and developing sustainable agroecosystems.


My PhD project focuses on identify the effects of crop- and cropping systems diversification on the functioning of agroecosystems in southern Sweden. This project seeks to recognize the wider value of ecosystem services in the agricultural systems and the kind of services that are delivered by diversified cropping systems. The point of departure for this study is to use several approaches and tools with the goal to link all the pillars of sustainability: 1) quantifying and mapping crop diversification at the landscape level; 2) analyzing synergies and tradeoffs among different types of ecosystem services and disservices in diversified cropping systems; and 3) generating knowledge and guidelines for the design, implementation and management of diversified cropping systems, based on the knowledge of farmers and researchers. It also focuses on understanding of how the increased crop diversification may improve the resilience of agroecosystems in the region.

Some of the major themes in my research are:

  • Ecosystem services
  • Functional biodiversity
  • Participatory methodologies for understanding constrain and barriers of adopting crop diversification
  • Multi‐criteria assessment methods to assess the impacts of crop diversification in the context of sustainability


I am a PhD candidate in Agricultural Science at SLU University in the Department of Biosystems and Technology. I have a bachelor’s degree in agronomy from the National University of Colombia and a Master’s degree in Agroecology from Swedish University of Agricultural Science. During my master’s thesis I was involved in a participatory action research project from the European union (Climate-CAFE). The aim was to understand farmer’s perceptions on climate change and develop strategies for adaptation. I have experience working in Colombia and Sweden, on several topics and issues related to both annual and tropical crop production, natural and social interactions. During my academic journey, I have developed new skills and perspectives that include theories and methodologies both in natural and social sciences that I apply in my current research.


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