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Erica Selin

Erica Selin
PhD student in the Molecular Toxicology research group


As a part of Professor Lundqvist's group, my research focuses on applying in vitro methods on food items, food additives and food contact materials. This to gain a better understanding of the mechanisms that chemical pollutants, within the food items or packages, are causing.

Erica Selin


Ongoing research projects:

In vitro-methods to monitor the presence of bioactive chemical pollutants in food packages

In vitro-methods to monitor the presence of bioactive chemical pollutants in milk

Recycled materials in food packaging and the risk of contamination by toxic chemicals - an integrated approach to combine the goals for food safety and circular economy


Supervision of master student, 37.5 credits, Master's Programme in Toxicology, Karolinska Institutet

Supervision of master student, 45 credits, Environmental Toxicology - Master's Programme in Biology, Uppsala Universitet

Selected publications

Selin E., Mandava G., Karlsson M. et al. (2023) Evaluation of in vitro bioassays as a screening tool to monitor chemical hazards in cow's milk,
Food and Chemical Toxicology,

Selin, E., Wänn, M., Svensson, K. et al. (2022) Hazardous chemicals in non-polar extracts from paper and cardboard food packaging: an effect-based evaluation. Environ Sci Eur 34, 85.

Selin, E., Mandava, G., Vilcu, AL. et al. (2021) An in vitro-based hazard assessment of liquid smoke food flavourings. Arch Toxicol.

Selin E, Svensson K, Gravenfors E. et al. (2021) Food contact materials: an effect-based evaluation of the presence of hazardous chemicals in paper and cardboard packaging, Food Additives & Contaminants: Part A, DOI:


Non employee at the Department of Biomedical Science and Veterinary Public Health; Pharmacology and Toxicology Unit
Telephone: +4618672363
Postal address:
BVF, Avd för farmakologi och toxikologi, Box 7023
Visiting address: Ulls väg 26, Uppsala