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Håkan Nilsson

Håkan Nilsson
Research engineer for Swedish Infrastructure for Ecosystem Science (SITES) at Röbäcksdalens field research station.


My tasks includes installing and maintaining measuring instruments. In addition, I am responsible for collecting data on the behalf of SITES Water and SITES Spectral. The activities at Röbäcksdalens field research station are characterized by the experimental fields. These fields are studied during growing season using fixed spectral sensors together with aerial multispectral imaging via drones (SITES Spectral). The creek of Degernäs that criss-cross the experimental fields is continuously studied with respect to water chemistry (SITES Water). In addition to the SITES sphere of activities at SLU Röbäcksdalen, I am also responsible for the operation of the field station spectral laboratory.



My early interest in technology and solving technical problems eventually developed towards the natural sciences. I began my professional career as a metalworker followed by further education in molecular biology and a PhD in chemistry.

Selected publications

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Yano, Junko., Kern, Jan., Yachandra, Vittal K., Nilsson, Håkan., Koroidov, Sergey och Messinger, Johannes. 2015. Light-Dependent Production of Dioxygen in Photosynthesis. Sustaining Life on Planet Earth: Metalloenzymes Mastering Dioxygen and Other Chewy Gases. Springer International Publishing, Metal ions in life sciences, 15

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Björnham, Oscar., Nilsson, Håkan., Andersson, Magnus och Schedin, Staffan. 2009. Physical properties of the specific PapG-galabiose binding in E. coli P pili-mediated adhesion. European Biophysics Journal, 38 (2): 245-254


Research Engineer at the Department of Crop Production Ecology; Röbäcksdalen research station
Telephone: +46907868738, +46768320444
Postal address:
Verkstadsgatan 15A
90432 Umeå
Visiting address: Verkstadsgatan 15A, Umeå