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Jakob Starlander

Doctoral Student at the Department or Urban and Rural Development; Agrarian and Rural history.


My PhD project deals with the utilization and significance of the forests in 17th century Sweden/Finland.


The  purpose of my PhD project is to provide new historical knowledge about how the resource utilization of forests changed during the 17th century in Sweden/Finland. The political, social and economic transformations that changed early modern society had a impact on people's daily lives, but this also changed people's relationship to ownership, gender and division of labour segregation and ecological relationships. The aim of the project is to answer how the regulation of extracting resources from forests worked and how this affected peasants’ ability to cooperate. What significance did this have for resource extraction, ownership and division of labour? How did the expansion of forestry affect the relationship with agriculture?


Bachelor's Degree in History, Uppsala University 2015

Master's Degree in History, Uppsala University 2017

Selected publications

Conflict and negotiation: management of forest commons in seventeenth-century Northern Finland,

Tar and timber: Governing forest commons in seventeenth century Northern Finland,