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Julia Kyaschenko

Julia Kyaschenko
I am an established biologist with a background in microbial ecology, conservation biology and forest ecology. I am particularly interested in studying the effects of forest management practices and policies on forest ecosystem functioning and biodiversity.


Currently I am working as a postdoc at Conservation Biology Unit (led by Thomas Ranius). Using data from the Swedish National Forest Inventory, we are going to investigate how recent forest policy and management affect the availability of forest habitats and structures important for biodiversity. The data will be analyzed at national scale to investigate how the amount of key structures for biodiversity changed over time (since some time before the Swedish Forest Policy Act from 1992) in various forest types but also reveal more detailed patterns (on a stand level), and to do comparisons between Sweden and Finland, which are of high interest.

Further, we will estimate how much structures that will be produced as the result of certain conservation efforts (e.g. green tree retention, creation of high stumps, voluntarily set-aside stands, nature reserves) and relate that to calculated total habitat availability.

Another part of this postdoctoral position will be focused on summarizing the knowledge about how conservation efficiency relates to the size of preserved forests and clustering within the landscape.


2018 Ph.D. in Biology, Department of Soil and Environment, SLU

During my Ph.D. studies I was using a combination of molecular tools, stable isotopes measurements and enzyme assays to detect the ecological relationship between fungal community composition and soil organic matter dynamics in boreal forest soils.

2011 Master Degree in Ecology, Department of Forest Mycology and Plant Pathology, SLU

Selected publications

Kyaschenko J, Ovaskainen O, Ekblad A, Hagenbo A, Karltun E, Clemmensen KE, Lindahl BD (2018) Soil fertility in boreal forest relates to root-driven nitrogen retention and carbon sequestration in the mor layer. New Phytologist 221: 1492-1502

Kyaschenko J, Clemmensen KE, Karltun E, Lindahl BD (2017). Below-ground organic matter accumulation along a boreal forest fertility gradient relates to guild interaction within fungal communities. Ecology letters 20: 1546-1555

Kyaschenko J, Clemmensen KE, Hagenbo A, Karltun E, Lindahl BD (2017). Shift in fungal communities and associated enzyme activities along an age gradient of managed Pinus sylvestris stands. ISME Journal 11: 863-874


Researcher at the Department of Ecology; S, Conservation Biology Unit
Telephone: +4618672476
Postal address:
Inst för Ekologi, Box 7044
750 07 UPPSALA
Visiting address: Ulls Väg 16, Uppsala