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Juliana Dániel Ferreira

Juliana Dániel-Ferreira
I am a postdoc interested in landscape ecology and conservation biology. Specifically, I study how human disturbance affects plant and animal species survival at different spatial scales.


I am interested in the relative effects that different land use practices (e.g. agricultural land, productive forests, semi-natural grasslands) have on biodiversity and on how these effects change at different spatial scales. I am also interested in developing strategies for biodiversity conservation that account not only for local disturbances but also for human-induced changes in the landscapes.


I am a postdoctor at the Swedish Biodiversity Centre and my research relates to the management of infrastructure habitats to benefit biological diversity and invasive species control.

Before I worked in a project titled "Greener infrastructure: the importance of linear infrastructure habitats for biodiversity and landscape connectivity" in collaboration with Erik Öckinger. The project aimed to assess the significance of infrastructure habitats (rights-of-way) for plant and pollinator biodiversity at different spatial scales.


I defended my PhD thesis in ecology 2021. My dissertation aimed at exploring the importance of linear infrastructure habitats (power-line corridors and road verges) for plant and insects at different spatial scales.

I have a MSc in Biology from Linköping University, and have also been at that university in a number of projects that aimed to determine the effects of landscape composition on butterfly populations.

Selected publications

Dániel-Ferreira, J. Berggren, Å., Bommarco, R., Wissman, J., & Öckinger, E. (2022). Bumblebee queen mortality along roads increase with traffic. Biological Conservation 272, 109643.

Dániel-Ferreira, J. Berggren, Å., Wissman, J., & Öckinger, E. (2021). Road verges are corridors and roads barriers for the movement of flower-visiting insects. Ecography, 2022(2).

Dániel-Ferreira, J., Bommarco, R., Wissman, J., & Öckinger, E. (2020). Linear infrastructure habitats increase landscape-scale diversity of plants but not of flower-visiting insects. Scientific reports 10:21374.

Bergman, K. O., Dániel-Ferreira, J., Milberg, P., Öckinger, E., & Westerberg, L. (2018). Butterflies in Swedish grasslands benefit from forest and respond to landscape composition at different spatial scales. Landscape Ecology, 1-16.

Dániel Ferreira, J. (2018). The drivers of species turnover.



Postdoctor at the Department of Urban and Rural Development; SLU Swedish Biodiversity Centre (CBM)
Telephone: +4618672749, +46738071482
Postal address:
Inst.för stad och land, Box 7012
75007 Uppsala