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Ly Lindman

Ly Lindman


I am interested in exploration of climatic and habitat drivers of insects. Currently, I am exploring the role of microclimate in the point of view of global warming, using one red-listed and one pest beetle species as study organisms.



2019-2021 Postdoc in conservation biology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

I worked on the project “Effects of climate change on forest insects – consequences on conservation strategies and pest management” in collaboration with Thomas Ranius and Erik Öckinger. The project resulted in two scientific publications, one about the metapopulation dynamics of a threatened beetle inhabiting tree hollows; and the other one about the relationships between microclimate, habitat conditions and an endangered beetle species inhabiting deadwood.

2016 PhD in zoology at the University of Tartu, Estonia

My doctoral studies resulted in my thesis: "The ecology of protected butterfly species in Estonia". The main goal of my thesis was to give guidelines to conservationists how to manage the endangered butterfly species and their habitats the best possible way. Additionally, the results of my studies were used in environmental policy making (Habitats Directive reporting of status and trends of species, Species Action Plans for species management).

2010 MSc in environmental protection at the University of Life Sciences, Estonia

2008 BSc in landscape protection and maintenance at the University of Life Sciences, Estonia


Co-supervisor:    PhD-student: Anika Goßmann (ongoing) at the Swedish                                                      University of Agricultural Sciences 

                               PhD-student: Pablo de La Peña Aguilera (ongoing) at the Swedish                                      University of Agricultural Sciences

                               Master student: Tiina Stanevitš (2013) at the University of Tartu

Main supervisor: Master student: Hendrik Meister (2013) at the University of Tartu

                               Master student: Kristiina Saksing (2014) at the University of Tartu


Selected publications

Lindman, L., Larsson, M.C., Mellbrand, K., Svensson, G.P, Hedin, J., Tranberg, O. &
Ranius, T. (2020) Metapopulation dynamics over 25 years of a beetle, Osmoderma eremita, inhabiting hollow oaks. Oecologia, 194, 771–780,

Lindman, L., Remm, J., Meister, H. & Tammaru, T (2018). Host plant and habitat
preference of Euphydryas maturna (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae, Melitaeinae):
evidence from northern Europe. Ecological Entomology, 43, 102-113,

• Tiitsaar, A., Kaasik, A., Lindman, L., Stanevitš, T. & Tammaru, T. (2016) Host preference and habitat use of Coenonympha hero (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae) in northern Europe are driven by microclimate. Journal of Insect Conservation, 20, 265–275,

• Meister, H., Lindman, L. & Tammaru, T. (2015) Testing for local monophagy in the
regionally oligophagous Euphydryas aurinia (Lepidoptera: Nymphalidae). Journal of
Insect Conservation, 19, 691–702,

Lindman, L., Remm, J., Saksing, K., Sõber, V., Õunap, E. & Tammaru, T. (2015) Lycaena dispar on its northern distribution limit: an expansive generalist. Journal of Insect Conservation and Diversity, 8, 3-16,

Lindman, L., Johansson, B., Gotthard, K. & Tammaru, T. (2013) Host plant preferences of an endangered butterfly, Lopinga achine (Lepidoptera Nymphalidae) in northern Europe. Journal of Insect Conservation, 17, 375-383,


Non employee at the Department of Ecology; S, Conservation Biology Unit
Postal address:
Inst för Ekologi, Box 7044
750 07 UPPSALA
Visiting address: Ulls Väg 16, Uppsala