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Maria Tunberg

Maria Tunberg


Maria holds a PhD in entrepreneurship and business development. Maria has previous experience from both the private and the public sector is today also active as a consultant.


The overarching purpose of the research is to develop existing knowledge regarding firm growth. Entrepreneurship is used as a theoretical lens in order to understand the interactive process where small businesses grow.

Keywords: Entrepreneurship, business growth, business development 

Selected publications

Tunberg, M. (2014) Approaching rural firm growth: a literature review, Journal of Enterprising Communities: People and Places in the Global Economy, Vol. 8 Iss: 4, pp.261 – 286. 

Tunberg, M., Mark-Herbert, C. & Neame, C. (2011). Venture Capital Needs for Sustainable Development of Clean Technologies. International Journal of Sustainable Economy. 3, 4: 395-409.

June 2015. Presentation at the ICEIRD (International Conference for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Regional Developments), Sheffield, England. Title: Not just numbers – firm growth as a contextualized process

Nov. 2014. Presentation at the RENT (Research in entrepreneurship and small business) conference, Luxembourg, Luxembourg. Title: Firm growth in everyday talk - a discourse analysis approach

Nov. 2012. Presentation at the RENT (Research in entrepreneurship and small business) conference, Lyon, France. Title: Perspectives on business growth

May 2012. Presentation at Rural at the Edge – 2nd Nordic Conference for Rural Research, Joensuu, Finland. Title: Understanding growth in rural businesses

Sept. 2009. Presentation at the Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability Conference, Vaasa, Finland. Title: Venture capital needs for sustainable development of clean technologies


Non-Employee at the Department of Economics; Innovation and Bioeconomy