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Most Tahera Naznin

Most Tahera Naznin


  • Agri-Food Buildings
  • Introduction to Horticulture: Vegetable and Ornamental Production
  • Greenhouse plants physiology and physiological response monitoring
  • Sustainable Plant Productions: Greenhouse Crops (hydroponics, aquaponics)
  • Principles of Integrated Pest Management


Urban horticulture, urban food production, food production in plant factory, vertical culture, aquaponics, hydroponic culture (lettuce, basil, spinach, kale, coriander, garlic, bell pepper, cucumber tomato and microgreen), LED lighting for year-round production, vegetable physiology, vegetable quality (determination of phytochemicals and antioxidant accumulation in vegetables), food chemistry, organic vegetables production, vegetables production in controlled environment, greenhouse and open fields, strawberry production in greenhouse and high tunnels, examination of cultural and environmental (light, temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide and root zone oxygen) influences on the phytonutritional value of vegetables, microgreen and small fruits.


  • Assistant Professor, March 2017 – present: Department of Biosystems and Technology,
  • Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences,
  • Sweden
  • Postdoctoral research
  • 2016- 2015 Harrow Research and Development Centre, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  • 2015 – 2010 Bioresource Engineering Department, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
  • 2010 Osaka Prefecture University in partnership with Sharp plant factory, Japan
  • Education
  • 2010 PhD in Environmental Horticulture, Department of Environmental Sciences and
  • Technology, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
  • 2007 MS in Food Chemistry, Osaka Prefecture University, Japan
  • 2002 MS in Horticulture, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh
  • 2000 B.Sc.Ag in Agriculture, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Bangladesh
  • Licence
  • 2017 Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.) licence from Ontario Institute of Agrologists (OIA),
  • Ontario, Canada.

Selected publications

Book Chapter:

  • 1. Naznin, M.T. and Lefsrud, M. 2017. Impact of LEDs on plant photosynthesis. In: Basu. Light Emitting Diods for Agriculture – Smart Lighting. Springer (in press).


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  • 2. Naznin, M. T., Lefsrud, M., Gravel, V., and Hao, X. 2016. Different Ratios of Red and Blue LEDs Light Affect on Coriander Productivity and Antioxidant Properties. Acta Horticulturae. 1134, 223-229.
  • 3. Naznin, M. T., Kitaya, Y., Shibuya, T., Hirai, H., and Lefsrud, M. 2015. Light intensity affects on medicinal compound ajoene accumulation in hydroponically grown garlic plants. Advances in Applied Agricultural Science. 03 (04), 16-25.
  • 4. Naznin, M. T., Kitaya, Y., Shibuya, T. and Hirai, H., Endo, R., Lefsrud, M.G. 2015. Integrated Culture of Garlic and Tilapia Fish as a Source of Protein and Medicinal Compound Ajoene. Acta Horticulturae. 1098, 95-102.
  • 5. Naznin, M. T., Kitaya, Y., Shibuya, T., Endo, R., Hirai, H., and Lefsrud, M. 2015. Ground Based Study on Culturing Garlic as a Source of Vegetable Food and Medicine in Space - Growth and Ajoene Accumulation in Garlic Plants Cultured with Different CO2 Regimes. Biological Sciences in Space. 29, 1-7.
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  • 7. Martineau, M.V., Lefsrud, M.G., Naznin, M.T., and D. A. Kopsell. 2012. Comparison of Light Emitting Diode and High Pressure Sodium Light Treatment for Hydroponics Growth of Boston Lettuce. HortScience. 47 (4), 477-482.


Publications list: