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Petra Fant

Petra Fant
PhD student in Animal Science


I am a third year PhD student in animal science at the Department of Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden at SLU in Umeå.


My research project called "Oats for more sustainable milk production and a better environment" focuses on mitigation of enteric methane emissions from dairy cows. The project will investigate whether enteric methane emissions can be decreased by replacing barley with oats in the diet of dairy cows without compromising animal productivity. The project will also explore whether the nutritional quality of milk in terms of milk fatty acid composition can be improved by replacing barley with oats. In addition, the rumen microbiome will be studied in detail. 


I graduated from the University of Helsinki in 2017, with a Master's in animal science and specialization in animal nutrition. 


Main supervisor:

Prof. Pekka Huhtanen, Institutionen för norrländsk jordbruksvetenskap, SLU, Umeå


Dr. Mohammad Ramin, Institutionen för norrländsk jordbruksvetenskap, SLU, Umeå

Dr. Seija Jaakkola, Institutionen för lantbruksvetenskaper, Helsingfors universitet, Helsingfors, Finland

Dr. Heidi Leskinen, Natural Resources Institute Finland, Jokioinen, Finland

Selected publications

Fant, P., M. Ramin, S. Jaakkola, Å. Grimberg, A.S. Carlsson, and P. Huhtanen. 2020.
Effects of different barley and oat varieties on methane production, digestibility, and fermentation pattern in vitro. Journal of Dairy Science.

Ramin, M., P. Fant, and P. Huhtanen. 2021. The effects of gradual replacement of barley with oats on enteric methane emissions, rumen fermentation, milk production, and energy utilization in dairy cows. Journal of Dairy Science. In press.


Doctoral Student at the Department of Agricultural Research for Northern Sweden; Animal Husbandry Unit
Telephone: +46907868721
Postal address:
Inst för NJV, husdjursskötsel,
90183 UMEÅ
Visiting address: Skogsmarksgränd, Umeå