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Shizhi Wang

Shizhi Wang
I am a PhD student in the Erasmus Mundus European Graduate School in Animal Breeding and Genetics (EGS-ABG) studying at Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and AgroParisTech/INRA (France). The project I am working on is named 'International breeding programs to improve health in dogs '.


PhD Project: International breeding program to improve health in pedigree dogs

Master Thesis: (i) Genetic analysis of uniformity of piglets’ within-litter birthweight, (ii) Genetic analysis of uniformity of average daily gain and backfat in fattening pigs

Bachelor Thesis: Molecular mechanism of male-infertility in cattle-yaks


  • PhD, Animal Breeding, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, 2018
  • PhD, Animal Genetics, AgroParisTech, 2018
  • MSc, Animal Breeding and Genetics, Wageningen University, 2014
  • BSc, Animal Science, Nanjing Agricultural University, 2012

Selected publications

  • Wang, S., T., Strandberg, Malm, S., Lewis, E., Windig, J. J., Laloë, D., Leroy, G. Simulation of genetic improvement of canine hip dysplasia through sire selection across countries. (Manuscript)
  • Wang, S., Leroy, G., Laloë, D., Malm, S., Lewis, T., Missant, F., Strandberg, E., Brenda, B. (2018). Kennel club survey on breeding policy and management on pedigree dogs in 15 national kennel clubs. The Veterinary Journal, 234, 130-135.
  • Wang, S., Leroy, G., Malm, S., Lewis, T., Viklund, Å., Strandberg, E., & Fikse, W. F. (2017). Genetic correlations of hip dysplasia scores for Golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers in France, Sweden and the UK. The Veterinary Journal, 226, 51-56.
  • Wang, S., Leroy, G., Malm, S., Lewis, T., Strandberg, E., & Fikse, W. F. (2017). Merging pedigree databases to describe and compare mating practices and gene flow between pedigree dogs in France, Sweden and the UK. Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics, 134(2), 152-161.
  • Sell-Kubiak, E., Wang, S., Knol, E. F., & Mulder, H. A. (2015). Genetic analysis of within-litter variation in piglets’ birth weight using genomic or pedigree relationship matrices. Journal of animal science, 93(4), 1471-1480.
  • Wang, S., Pan, Z., Zhang, Q., Xie, Z., Liu, H., & Li, Q. (2012). Differential mRNA Expression and Promoter Methylation Status of SYCP3 Gene in Testes of Yaks and Cattle‐Yaks. Reproduction in domestic animals, 47(3), 455-462.

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