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Multifunctional landscapes and capacity building for sustainable bioenergy

Published: 30 November 2016

A meeting on capacity building for sustainable bioenergy was held in Rome, Italy, 29 November - 2 December by the GBEP (Global Bioenergy Partnership) working group. Madelene Ostwald from AgriFoSe2030 gave a talk about multifunctional landscapes.

Madelene Ostwald’s talk ’Multifunctional landscapes: food, biomass, water, and the SDGs - insights form the Swedish AgroFoSe2030 programme’ focused on the increased focus on multifunctional as well as landscape concepts both in the scientific and policy sectors and how it links to both bioenergy and food. Examples of the AgriFoSe2030 synthesis assessment on the multifunctional land use system Homegarden in Sri Lanka was presented.

– At the meeting there were good examples and discussions around the bioenergy relation to water, and other key products such as food and the SDGs. Quite a few problems were presented but also steps and ways forward to generate sustainable land use systems. Interesting participants and good coffee-break talks! Reports Madelene Ostwald.

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