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Mycologists met up in the Norweigan mountains to discuss fungal ecology

Published: 23 September 2016

Members of the Department of Forest Mycology and the Department of Soil and Environment participated in the NEFOM symposium, North European Forest Mycologists, at Finse Research Station in the Norwegian mountains 18-21 September.

About 30 scientists and students participated in the meeting, representing all Nordic countries, Baltic states and Scotland. The symposium also enjoyed the presence of two invited guests, Petr Baldrian (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic) and Marc-André Selosse (Natural History Museum, Paris), and two experts on Alpine Mycology, Gro Gulden (Natural History Museum, Oslo) and Trond Schumacher (University of Oslo).

– The symposium was really inspiring – the new largescale DNA sequencing of fungal communities are being used to answer so many different research questions. Particularly we had really interesting discussions on how trait analyses may help understand ecological roles and responses of fungal communities. Also this network is a bit like a big family and a really good environment to get contacts and feedback on ongoing work, says Karina Clemmensen, one of the researchers from the Department that participated in the meeting.

The meeting at Finse Research Station in the Norwegian mountains included several field trips. Photo: Håvard Kauserud.

The NEFOM is a network aimed to link and strengthen the collaboration between Nordic research groups working with the ecology of fungi, and a main aim of the present symposium was to lay out a strategy for how to incorporate fungal traits in the DNA sequence database UNITE.

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