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SLU researchers receive huge EU grant

Published: 27 November 2017

A Swedish research project led by Professor Ulf Magnusson, SLU, is one of ten projects that receive several million euros from the EU programme JPIAMR, the aim of which is to reduce antibiotic resistance.

The aim of the research project Reduce is to investigate various types of practical measures aimed at reducing antibiotic use on farms in Thailand, which in turn reduces the risk of developing resistance. A significant part of the world's use of antibiotics is in pig and poultry farming in the expansive economies of Asia.

The project is highly multidisciplinary with veterinarians, physicians, modelers, economists and microbiologists from Sweden, Switzerland, Norway, Thailand and Vietnam.

"The fact that our project is one of the ten that have been awarded funds in fierce competition is of course very gratifying", says Professor Ulf Magnusson at the Department of Clinical Sciences, SLU. "We interpret this as a recognition of the Swedish leading position in the EU when it comes to using small amounts of antibiotics in animals."

Antibiotic resistance can spread between animals and humans and, as infectious diseases, it can easily spread between countries. Therefore, it is important that veterinary and human medicine cooperate and that there is a global perspective on the problem of antibiotic resistance.

- ReduceAmu also consolidates SLU's and Uppsala University's successful collaboration in the field of One Health, Ulf Magnusson concludes.

The ten projects get to share a total of 11.5 million euros.

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