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The annual report of the AgriFoSe2030 programme

Published: 19 June 2018

The Agriculture for Food Security 2030 programme has now published its annual report for 2017. The programme synthesize and translate existing science into policy and practice, and develop capacity to achieve this.

During the second year, AgriFoSe2030 has organized several program-wide, cross-theme and issue-specific activities. The synthesizing of knowledge we do within the program is about transformational change: how do we improve food security and make farming practices more sustainable? However, synthesised knowledge does not always lead to change. We need to bring our science to the change-makers to help them understand the implications. AgriFoSe2030 has carried out several activities with this goal in mind.

– The Agriculture for Food Security 2030 programme is now moving forward at full steam towards Sustainable Development Goal 2 by translating agricultural science into policy and practice, says Ulf Magnusson, Programme Director.

Ulf Magnusson, Professor
Programme Director of AgriFoSe2030, SLU, 018-672324


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