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"We can reduce hunger in the world"

Published: 16 October 2019

After declining for several decades, world hunger is increasing again. Today, on the World Food Day, Swedish researchers want to encourage collaboration and showcase solutions to reduce hunger and contribute to sustainable food systems.

This is done in a debate article in the journal Aktuell Hållbarhet. Among the authors are SLU researchers and staff Ingrid Öborn and Sara Gräslund.

The authors of the article urge politicians, authorities and organisations to:

  • Increase the development of knowledge of sustainable food systems for nutritious food.
  • Develop value chains, and create demand, for a greater variety of crops and nutritious food, produced with a rights perspective.
  • Influence that policy instruments such as agricultural subsidies are aimed at diversifying crops to reduce hunger, increase nutrition and contribute to sustainable agriculture.
  • Increase the understanding and knowledge that equality is central to the work against poverty and hunger.
  • Prioritise agriculture in development cooperation, and sustainable production methods that favor both climate, biodiversity, and nutritious diets.

Read the debate article in Swedish.