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Christine Watson, KSLAs Wallenberg professor 2019

Published: 01 February 2019
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Professor Christine Watson, Scotland’s Rural College, UK, has been awarded KSLAs Wallenberg professorship 2019. At the Swedish University of Agriculture she will contribute to development of new sustainable cropping systems – and especially the role of legumes.

Christine Watson has her expertise and dedication to sustainability of agricultural production systems. Few researchers have gained the depth and breadth of understanding of these systems as she has. She has worked with mixed crop-livestock systems, plant and animal nutrient dynamics, environmental aspects of outdoor pigs, the production of plant protein, and in particular the use and potential of legumes in European cropping systems.

- We are happy to receive Christine Watson. She will work together with our recently appointed early career scientists and PhD students, And she will also be involved in the SLU Cropping Systems Platform, where her international experiences and research activities will give important contributions. says Paula Persson head of the department of Crop Production Ecology.

Christine Watson received her diploma at KSLAs Commemorative Meeting 28 January, from the hand of crown princess Victoria. The purpose of the Wallenberg professorships is to establish ties with prominent foreign scientists, who can be expected to contribute towards the renewal of Swedish science in the green sector, and to universities and academic institutions. Christine Watson will be connected to the faculty of natural resources and agricultural sciences and the department of Crop Production Ecology.


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