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New professors’ lectures in Uppsala

Published: 12 March 2019

Thirteen new professors are to be installed at SLU this year. On Friday 22 March five of them will hold their inauguration lectures in “Loftet” at SLU’s Uppsala Campus. The lectures cover topics such as fish genetics, microorganisms that injure plants, agricultural, environmental and natural resources economics as well as rural development and gender issues. The lectures are also webcast.

The five professors represent different research areas, but they all try to find solutions to challenges we are facing today.

See the presentation film with all five new professors that are to be installed in Uppsala.

Here are the professors' web pages, including press photos

  • Helena Hansson is a professor of agricultural and food economics. Helena Hansson's research area is agricultural and food economics, and recent topics include economic effects related to animal health and welfare, efficiency and productivity, risk management, farmers' uptake of low-input farming and economic effects of farm diversification and specialisation.

  • Robert Hart is a professor of environmental and natural resources economics. Rob Hart's research concerns the development of the global economy in the very long run. His starting point is that the world, over the last 100 years and more, has witnessed uniquely rapid technological progress, which lies behind economic growth, but also resource use, polluting emissions, and habitat loss.

  • Seema Arora Jonsson is a professor of rural development in Sweden and Europé. Seema Arora Jonsson's research concerns theories of rural development, environmental governance and gender, in Sweden and Europe but always within a larger global context.

  • Anti Vasemägi is a professor of fish biology. In his research, Anti Vasemägi aims to understand the genetic mechanisms of how fish adapt to their habitat. Much of his work has concerned salmonids, but also other fish species and fish parasites, and his research group recently completed the first full sequencing of the perch genome.

  • Jiasui Zhan is aprofessor of plant pathology, especially epidemiology. Jiasui Zhan studies microorganisms that cause plant diseases, especially in important agricultural crops. Among other things, he uses his knowledge to develop disease control strategies that are environmentally, ecologically and economically sustainable.

Inauguration lectures in Uppsala 22 March 2019


The inauguration lectures are public, no registration is required. One lecture is given in Swedish, four in English. 

  • 09:00 Lantbrukarna, djuren, marken och konsumenterna: Om ekonomiskt värde och ekonomiska effekter i jordbrukssektorn, Helena Hansson
  • 09:30 Technological progress and the human takeover of spaceship Earth, Robert Hart
  • 10:00 Kaffe/te
  • 10:30 Challenges for sustainable development: Rural Europe in a new global context, Seema Arora Jonsson
  • 11:00 Fishing for genes that matter, Anti Vasemägi
  • 11:30 Battling against plant diseases: An evolutionary approach, Jiasui Zhan

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