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New policy brief: Inland fisheries in a development context

Published: 13 October 2020
Fisherman in boat in Burma

A new policy brief, Inland fisheries in a development context, is published in cooperation between SLU Global and SLU Aqua.

SLU Global together with David Lymer, researcher at SLU Aqua, has recently published a policy brief focusing on sustainable inland capture fisheries in low-income countries.

Key messages from the report:

• Inland capture fisheries are crucial to food security and micronutrient needs of human populations in many low-income countries.

• Small-scale fisheries, including artisanal and subsistence fishers, is the major group utilising inland waters in low-income countries.

• Major effects on the resource include environmental changes, degradation and loss of freshwater ecosystems.

• Overall, there is a lack of reliable data on inland fish stocks and fisheries, and more research and capacity building is urgently needed.

Read the full policy brief here.

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