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New energy objectives at SLU

Published: 21 December 2020

The vice-chancellor has taken a decision on new energy objectives for SLU. These objectives will apply as of January 2021 and be valid until the end of 2027. The objectives focus heavily on renewable energy and systematic energy saving steps in properties both owned by SLU and rented from Akademiska hus.

“I am happy that we are taking a further step towards sustainability at the university, and continue to take further steps towards our work,” says chief operating officer Martin Melkersson.

Increase on-site production of electricity

One of the new environmental objectives stipulates that all SLU-owned properties are to use renewable (primarily solar) energy produced on-site to meet at least 50% of all energy use and 95% of all energy used for heating (environmental objective 1.4).

The decision will result in an increased production of electricity thanks to the installation of new solar panels on buildings owned by SLU.

“Environmental investments in our properties are a consistent element of our operations,” says Lars Edvin Andersson, head of real estate management at SLU. The university already produces large amounts of its own energy, mainly thanks to the biogas production facility in Lövsta and the solar panel modules at several of the university’s sites. Plans for where we will install the new solar panels are ongoing.

We need to stop wasting energy

The new objective places major focus on energy savings.

SLU and Akademiska hus have formulated a shared objective of saving a minimum 15% of energy in the properties SLU rents, based on usage information from 2019. It includes electricity, heating and cooling and has been calculated at kWh per rented square metre. The saving must not have any detrimental impact on SLU’s operations and tenants (environmental objective 1.6).

“This is something I find especially exciting,” says Environmental Manager Johanna Sennmark. Collaboration is the key to finding solutions and I am delighted that management from both organisations are supporting this work”.

The objectives will be published on the staff web environment pages once they have been implemented at the start of 2021.


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